How To Get Your Job Application Right

Applying for work seems like a never ending battle. You have spent the whole morning searching for a job and have applied to everything you have seen. Unfortunately you don’t get a single response and are left frustrated and question if these jobs even exist. This happens to many job seekers on a daily basis and since I have been in a recruiting position I have noticed common mistakes job seekers make right from the start.

1.) Read the job description
A point so obvious but one so often ignored

When applying for work it’s so important to read what is expected of you! I have had applicants from receptionists wanting to work as a system administrator. 99% of the time CV’s like this are automatically discarded. This is more common than one might want to admit and job seekers find they apply for work where they don’t meet the experience needed or even the qualifications. I emailed a job seeker back who had applied to every position we had available. We had about 15 positions and he applied to every single one. We were looking for degree relevant engineer’s who had a minimum of 10 years experience. He was a self taught carpenter. His reply to my email was that he was so desperate for work that he applied to everything he could. Unfortunately the job seeker in question pretty much wasted his morning to only feel more frustrated and fed up. If he had bothered searching further and more sites he probably would have had a better success.

2.) Personalize your job application
Even go as far as personalizing your CV / Resume. If they mentioned a skill in the job description that you don’t have listed in your CV – how are they to know if you have it or not?

On top of bulk applying to jobs each application never had an introduction letter. He didn’t even bother selling himself in any of the applications he sent out. This is a very common mistake! Today people send CV’s from mobile cell phones and as a recruiter what we receive is an attachment with a “text-speak” phrase like “application for job” in the email subject line and no body of text what so ever. No mention of the reference number or additional information that was requested in the first place. Worse still most people don’t setup their phone email correctly. Sender addresses come from default (eg )
addresses which when replied to bounce as non-existent because the email is invalid.

3.) Watch out for social etiquette
Just because they are on Facebook it doesn’t give you cart blanch to pester for a job. Remember you are dealing with a human on the other side and you could be reported for spamming!

In today’s social networking world we find many recruiting companies, job boards and independent recruiters that have their own Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn groups. I have also noticed a new trend of job seekers emerge where they comment each social share. This really amazing me! For example a job is shared onto all the networking sites and job seekers on LinkedIn will comment the job by leaving their email address. Not only have they completely ignored the original post but they have now also made their email address very public. A passerby scammer now knows a lot about you. Firstly he knows you are unemployed and he knows what type of job you would like. Most importantly he now knows how to contact you. Facebook job shares with a provided link now get troll comments like, phone number? Contact details please? How to apply? If the job fits something you would apply to simply click the link a get the relevant details from the original source. Don’t get yourself earmarked as a public nuisance. You could very well ruin your chances of ever gaining employment through the means you are using by annoying social admin staff.

4.) Read the apply details and carry them out as instructed
Remember to mention the reference number and add some details about yourself. Its all about selling yourself so don’t do it half heartily. Would you employ someone who put no effort into themselves?

Just remember that for every job you now apply to on a popular site there is a big chance, that that job has already received over 100 applicants. Don’t remove yourself from the shortlist by making a simple mistake. Read the advert and use the application method stated in the details. This can range from a request to register with the company website, to sending an email with covering letter to even phoning them up! Each recruiter will use a different method, this is their preferred method and they might have a very good reason for using this method. I have seen frustrated job seekers demand a restaurants phone number and have had busy restaurant managers flat out refuse because they don’t have the time to answer phone calls and answer questions to what has been explained in the job advert. Self employed plumbers out on the road might prefer if you call them as they hardly ever get time in front of a laptop so you sending emails might never get your application seen.

Lucrative Jobs In The Advertising Industry

If you have ever went job hunting, which of course most of us have, chances are your search began on the World Wide Web. Unless of course you predate the Internet. Truth be told, there are scores of career websites filled with hundreds of thousands of jobs. There are absolutely tons of jobs available in every industry imaginable. You just need to know where to look, and what to look for. But if I were to pick one industry that never seems to have a dearth of jobs, I would select advertising jobs for that position of honour.

Advertising jobs will never go away because producers will always have to find a market to sell their goods to. And how else will you be able to let the world know what you’re selling and by getting the word out through advertisement. Mechanization will never be able to replace the people who work in the advertising industry.

Factories can use robots and machines to efficiently man their assembly lines. A retailer could go online and eliminate the need for sales people. It seems as if most banks don’t you want to have branches anymore because it’s much cheaper and more efficient to have people go online to take care of their own banking.

But when it comes to advertising jobs, real people will always be in demand. Advertising jobs are some of the most human of all the occupations, talent and experience that no machine can ever replicate. Skilful and well-trained individuals will always be in demand in this industry. Advertising jobs will never go away.

Just take a look at all the curve or web sites online that list job openings, they’re all loaded with advertising jobs. Monster for instance has nearly three whole categories in all their global sites that showcases the very best of advertising jobs. Other job boards like College Board, Source Tool and even Marketing Jobs have entire sections devoted to helping talented professionals find and take up advertising jobs. There are head hunters and talent scouts literally combing the country on college campuses looking for professionals, or would-be professionals, of a high-quality to join them in the advertising field.

While most applicants who wish to enter the industry know that most advertising jobs are filled by word of mouth, the industry itself has grown so vast and hungry, that there is always a need for trained professionals who are looking for advertising jobs. And an entire industry has come up to cater to the needs of such professionals. While human resources itself is growing and developing at a rapid rate, one of the first areas where unprecedented growth has been seen has been in the advertising jobs sector. So much so that most conventional human resource professionals have begun offering a slew of services to cater to those who are seeking advertising jobs.

It’s really not hard to figure out why. Advertising is a unique and highly specialized field that requires a very human, intelligence touch to be effective. And although there are many qualifications that will enable a person to become an advertising professional, this industry is different in that the individuals who participate in it are really different than what you find in other fields. One who is creatively charged, capable of handling stress and performing under the most adverse of conditions. There is a veritable plethora of advertising jobs in the market place, and these advertising jobs can turn into very lucrative and rewarding careers for the right individuals.

By Morgan Hamilton

Title By: Og Ogie