Tips, Tricks and Information on How to Get a Job at Apple

If you think you can just walk into the Apple corporation and demand a job, then think again!. However if you want to work at, and learn how to possibly get a job at Apple then keep reading! In this article you will find helpful tips, tricks and information that will lead you on the right path of getting a job at Apple.

Getting a Job at Apple Corporate Offices or at an Apple Retail store still requires you to set out a plan, if there are separate positions or locations you are looking at. Be prepared to visit these locations as well.

Getting a job at Apple is generally a high sought after company position wise good thing there is more than one location! You will compete with many others for positions so you want to stand out among the rest.

Education. Education and training is key when applying for a Apple corporate position along with any retail Apple store as well.

Check out the jobs page on the Apple website. Choose from Corporate, Retail plus there is a section for Students and College Grads as well.


Visit the Apple office. Take a tour if possible, inquire about different classes and seminars that may be held at Apple.This is definitely a step in getting a job at Apple and is crucial if you live nearby, or worth the trip to really know where you are hoping to build your career at! Call ahead if you want to save yourself an unwarranted trip.

Apple Retail stores hire people in Business Consulting, Retail Specialists and various other positions that can require various forms of education or training. Apple Retail stores are found all over the world!

Apple Corporate Offices are scattered all over the world.

Apple also boasts at-home opportunities as well with the company.

Positions such as Hardware Engineer, Human Resources, Sales, Design and project Management are just a few positions that are available throughout Apple and can be found on the Apple website under Jobs and Corporate sections.

If you are a student or a college grad, Apple boasts many opportunities for beginning your career at an Apple corporate location. You have the choice to choose and start while in school or after you have obtained your degree. If you want to know how to get a job at Apple, if you have the opportunity to start here, definitely do so. Inquire about what types of education, schools, training and certifications they would like to see with new or seasoned employees.

It’s always great this day and age to start with their website, become familiar with it and make your plans come to when you want to get a job at a company like Apple, keep trying, checking back and always find ways to improve your resume!

How to Plan Your Career – Top Career Planning Strategies

Planning your career is not something you do just once in your life, but a continuous activity which has to be done on a regular basis at different stages in your career. It’s not like how things used to be back in the 1970s and 1980s, when career planning was something that was done just once – when in high school or college – and it was rare for people to change careers. Today, professionals change careers all the time and need to stay on top of the latest employment news and career trends.

So keeping this in mind, here are the top career planning strategies.

Be clear about your career goals and objectives – Develop a clear path ahead for your career and set a very specific set of career goals and objectives. Your goals should be realistic and achievable, and should be a combination of short-term and long-term objectives. Keep reviewing and modifying your goals according to the current realities and set new goals once the previous goals are accomplished.

What are your accomplishments? Make a note of your past accomplishments. This will help you build a better resume and helps with your career planning as well. Often, we tend to undervalue our accomplishments and even forget all about them over time. Don’t let that happen to you. Perhaps reviewing a past accomplishment will reveal the hidden secrets to future career success. Track your accomplishments and leverage them as much as possible.

Look beyond job titles – For most people, a career is all about a sequence of job titles, with one succeeding another. That approach may have worked in the past, but today, job titles no longer have the same relevance. Jobs of today require a specific set of skill sets. A lot of careers today have transferable skill sets – a reporter, for example, can very easily be a best-selling nonfiction writer because both careers have transferable skill sets such as writing, researching, editing, and interviewing. So the focus of your career planning should be on how to build or develop specific skill sets, and not necessarily on how to go from one job title to another.

Create your own career opportunities – The last decade and a half have seen many new careers come to the fore and a plenty of older ones becoming redundant. As a professional, you should create your own career opportunities, learn marketable new skills and have your own unique selling proposition. For this, you will need to stay on top of the employment news and the fast changing trends in the job market.

Take a good, hard look at your hobbies and pastimes – What are the things you like doing when you are not working at a job or attending your school or college? Do you, for example, have a talent for web design and have been designing your own websites for fun for a while now? Do you have amazing skills with Photoshop? Why not turn your hobby into a career? Did you know that there’s a huge demand for talented web designers, logo designers or graphic designers in the industry today? There are several skills like that which many of us consider to be no more than a hobby for which there’s a lot of demand in the marketplace.

Plan your career once every year – Make career planning something you do on a regular basis. Dedicate an entire weekend at the start of each year to career planning. Make sure that you’re not distracted and have all the time to focus on what you want out of your life and career. Map out your career path since the last time you did career planning. Take your time to review and reflect on your career so far. Ask yourself if you are satisfied with the direction it has taken and if you need a change. Is there anything that you could have done differently, or better? Be objective with your analysis.

Make a list of your biggest likes and dislikes about your career – Change is one constant in life. Things change all the time, as do our like and dislikes. List out what you like the most about your job and what you hate about it. Be honest with yourself. Do you even like your job? Then you are on the right path. If you don’t like your job and feel like you are under performing at it, it’s probably time to make a career change.

Keep learning – Educate yourself and always seek to learn new things. There’s no telling when a new opportunity can come your way because of the new things – marketable skills – that you have learned. Keep yourself up-to-date with the changes in technologies in your chosen field.

Conclusion – One of the most common questions that prospective candidates are asked in a job interview is – where do you see yourself in 5 years time? That’s a question you should ask yourself. Where will you be in 5 years? A lot can happen in 5 years – as long as you plan your career the right way, you should be well prepared for whatever lies ahead.


Top Career Advice – More Choices and A Better Way of Life

Why Career Advice Is So Important

Choosing a career presents a nerve-racking decision, as it can have a life-long impact on you. Do not fret, as you can gain a clearer outlook into your future by thorough career planning.

Having a clear vision of the future can guide you by helping you set career goals and helping you on your way towards attaining them. Whether you are starting out on a new career or looking to change your current career, you will benefit enormously from taking sound advice.

Don’t Spend Most of Your Life Doing …

Chances are that you will be spending a great deal of time at your job, about 40 hours a week. Career advice and career profiling can guide you to a job that is enjoyable for you and matches your interests.

There are many reasons people change their careers and career advice can help them along the way. Some frequently cited reasons are:

· Stuck in a dead end job.

· Lost interest in current line of work.

· Gained a new interest in a different career option.

A Job For Life … Not Anymore

In today’s world, there is increased job rotation … also with the down turns in the economy, many people can be laid-off.
Good career advice for unemployed persons would be to consider a career change. Some of the fastest growing occupations are Medical Assistant, Network Systems Analyst, Physician Assistant, etc. Occupations that are struggling to gain workers can be a suitable option for currently unemployed individuals.

People often back off from changing careers if they are unsure of the effort it might take to start a new career and learn a new trade. If you are one of these people, career advice from professionals can help you make a knowledgeable decision.

How To Identify Your Career Choices

When choosing a new career field, career advice and career planning can help you figure out your career choices. When embarking on a new career, you need to take into account your previous education and work experience.

You should start thinking about the skills you currently possess and how they can be beneficial in each of the new career options available to you.

Have You Considered a Career Test?

Valuable career advice can come from career tests as they can help in identifying suitable job options. Career tests include tests such as personality profiling, leadership skills, motivation, management style, etc.

The results of such tests can give you the career advice that can direct you to a suitable career, by matching your interests with career options.

Many career tests are offered online. They may be free or available for a small fee. Many experts provide the career advice to employment seekers to take some time to plan their career and set their goals. Knowing your career goals can provide you with valuable guidance.

Remember that career planning and goal setting is an on-going process, changing as you continue on your career.

The web can be a great source to find valuable career advice. It can provide you with many resources to research new career choices and find out information on a particular career field such as average salary, work environment, job responsibilities, etc.

Use Resumes That Give You an Advantage

Whether you are starting a career, changing careers or looking for a different job in your present career, the best career advice is to have a great, eye-catching resume.

You may be thinking about using your old resume, maybe the one you made after graduating from college. However, you will have to make changes to that resume to make it relevant to your present situation.

Upgrade your resume with the additional skills and experiences you have acquired. People going through a career change, need to present the skills they have acquired through the years in a way that makes it relevant to the new career jobs for which they are applying.

You may not have all the standard education for that career, so you need to convince potential employers that your previous education and work experience have given you the skills that make you a suitable candidate to transition into that job.

Career planning involves gaining information that can ease your transition to a new career. This information can help get you out of your current dreary jobs and into a dynamic and interesting career.

Act Now… and Take Control of Your Career

It’s never too late to think of making a career change… seek professional career advice and give yourself the best chance of achieving your career goals.

By Roger Clark

7 Areas of Limitation in Career Development


  • Limited Self-Belief and Lack of Self-Esteem: As career professionals, we generally underestimate our own abilities and attribute a greater degree of efficiency and aptitude to others. This limiting belief holds career development back from achieving its full potential. Professionals who desire career advancement need to understand that their abilities match up competitively with others in their field. Developing self-belief and self-esteem are the first steps for successful self-representation. Confidence is contagious and easily identified.


  • Self-Defeating Behaviors: Everyone has habits, some good and some bad. Bad habits interfere with career development. Saying inappropriate things or making improper gestures at the wrong time does not present itself favorably with co-workers, bosses, or gatekeepers. Behaviors develop reputations that precede professional engagements. Judgments are passed based on previous work behaviors and rumors are spread that illuminate this perceived flaw. Stress and fatigue contribute to less than desirable behavior and being aware of other’s reactions is a tell sign that should alert us to keep or replace enacted behaviors.


  • Uninformed about Steps and Techniques Needed for Progression and Advancement: Most workers find themselves doing repetitive tasks and wonder why they’re not advancing. Some people are satisfied doing the ordinary, but not you (or you wouldn’t be wasting your time reading this). Ask questions – how did she move up so fast? What did she do? How did she do it? Who was her contact? Here are 7 steps that can be implemented right away and possibly the missing element needed for your promotion: 1. Create relationships 2. Be early, leave late 3. Do more than asked 4. Tell everyone how great your boss is 5. Support other departments 6. Ask for more work and do it 7. Ask for a promotion. If you don’t accept just getting by then you will advance. Ultimately, the blame for our failure or success rests on our shoulders and we need to identify the sequential steps to meet our needs regardless of how difficult these steps could be.



  • Misaligned Goals and Values: Goals and values are not the same thing. However, negative effects are felt when they are not in sync. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Is that really where you want to be? What do you value most in life? Does that goal align with your most important value? When goals and values are aligned, there is an aura of synergy that is created, jubilance in work follows, new energy is created, positive momentum is created, and a resounding vigor is experienced. Do you feel a weight on your shoulders? Maybe your goals and values are in misalignment. What quick change could you make to have the two roads meet?


  • Lack of Self-Awareness concerning Strengths, Knowledge, and Abilities (KSAs): Never underestimate your education and life experience. Most people do. We all have strengths, but not all of us take the time and put in the effort needed to make innate strengths into abilities. Not knowing your strengths can limit your development for the long-term. What do you enjoy doing? What do you do without any effort? Where do you get the most compliments from others? We all have life experiences that shape our behaviors and attitudes. These life lessons are not learned or experienced by everyone. We learn by doing. It is common to underestimate our knowledge. We assume that others know the same things and others have had similar experiences. This is not the case. We share similar experiences within cultures, but the overall picture for each individual is unique. We are all different in our own ways and have something valuable to add to the conversation. Never underestimate your value.


  • Inability to Communicate Effectively: Did you ever hear of the game “telephone”? A message is whispered from one player to the next and the message heard by the last player is always completely different from the original message. The biggest problem in today’s fast paced, over-worked, and over-informed environment is the inability to communicate effectively. As an author or writer, one learns to write as if the audience does not know anything. On the other hand, when we speak or write, we generally accept that our audience has a basic understanding of the topic. The error in communication lies in not clearly providing the message as it is intended. Critical points are excluded to maximize time, but those points need to be filled in by the audience receiving the message. This misunderstanding leads to crucial errors and ultimately destroys more time than was initially saved. Take the time to communicate your message clearly and effectively in the first place and save yourself the headache of having to clean up the associated errors.



  • Lack of Leveraging Networks and Relationships: The general belief is that our closest friends and family are the only ones who would help us in times of need. Studies on social networking suggest that this is completely wrong. Your external network is willing to help and you need to leverage the benefits. Loose connections seem to provide greater benefits and they find greater opportunities that your immediate network could never realize. The power of your external network exists in its positioning which is completely outside your immediate network’s reach. Ask for support and probe your distant network to see how they can support your career development. People are willing to help. It’s our nature. Your external network could provide the needed boost that will take your career to the next level. If your distant network is limited then you need to create an action plan for cultivating connections. In today’s globalized and interconnected economy, competition is high, and relationships are gold. Ultimately, this works because of reciprocity and the genuine character of our kind. When you get the opportunity, pay it forward because what goes around comes around.


Picking up the Right Information on the Employment News is of Utmost Importance

Jobs are as plenty as well as the number of people interested for these jobs. This means that the proportion of people who are willing to take up jobs and the jobs that come up for advertisements are almost rightly mixed. For every job that is created, there must be at least one particular person who is the most suitable. Critically as well as logically this is a fact. he problem that is encountered in most cases is whether the right person is able to know about the right job for him or her. There are a number of jobs that come up in various places.

Jobs are aplenty as well as the number of people interested for these jobs. This means that the proportion of people who are willing to take up jobs and the jobs that come up for advertisements are almost rightly mixed. For every job that is created, there must be at least one particular person who is the most suitable. Critically as well as logically this is a fact.

The problem that is encountered in most cases is whether the right person is able to know about the right job for him or her. There are a number of jobs that come up in various places. Being aware of these jobs, is one of the most important tasks for any job aspirant. Various vacancies in the railways, banks, schools and colleges, and many other government, semi-government as well as private organizations are coming up.

People appear for the interviews and the written exams to get a job in these places. If someone is not able to pick the right information on the employment news, then they are going to miss out on the job. This would amount to the loss of a job prospect. In such a way, if these people miss out on the news about job vacancies in continuum, the chances of their dream jobs going out of hand is stupendous.

It might also, so happen, that people might not get their dream jobs as it might have slipped from their notice. Due to this reason, being aware of the job opportunities is one of the first and foremost of the things that people should do. With a keen eye on the portals and media were the jobs are advertised, people can know about the jobs that are published. It is only after the knowledge of the job that people can apply for the job.

During one of such misses, people try to justify that their chances of getting the job was very slim so losing out on the information doesn’t matter. This callousness might lead to the miss of the next news about job vacancies. One should understand the basic fact that not putting in the application guarantees that the job doesn’t come to them. Someone else who is more alert and receptive for the job information is in an obvious advantage when getting that particular job. And this job might be the dream of someone who missed out on the information.

The first step to a successful bagging of the job is therefore the putting in of the application. Then only the chances of getting or not getting the job come into play. For keeping a strict vigil on the job advertisements, people should take the help of print media as well as electronic media and also the internet. Many jobs are regularly offered in these places. Employment news in these places, especially in the national channels of information is quite reliable.

People should make a sincere effort to catch hold of such information and prepare themselves for the written or interviews, whatever the company demands. Of the various types of job, it is also important for the people to recognize the one that satisfies their search criteria. Putting in an application for such jobs with a higher probability ensures that the success is knocking. One only needs to be alert enough to open the door at the right time as the knock is not a regular feature.

By Sanjay Joshi

Lucrative Jobs In The Advertising Industry

If you have ever went job hunting, which of course most of us have, chances are your search began on the World Wide Web. Unless of course you predate the Internet. Truth be told, there are scores of career websites filled with hundreds of thousands of jobs. There are absolutely tons of jobs available in every industry imaginable. You just need to know where to look, and what to look for. But if I were to pick one industry that never seems to have a dearth of jobs, I would select advertising jobs for that position of honour.

Advertising jobs will never go away because producers will always have to find a market to sell their goods to. And how else will you be able to let the world know what you’re selling and by getting the word out through advertisement. Mechanization will never be able to replace the people who work in the advertising industry.

Factories can use robots and machines to efficiently man their assembly lines. A retailer could go online and eliminate the need for sales people. It seems as if most banks don’t you want to have branches anymore because it’s much cheaper and more efficient to have people go online to take care of their own banking.

But when it comes to advertising jobs, real people will always be in demand. Advertising jobs are some of the most human of all the occupations, talent and experience that no machine can ever replicate. Skilful and well-trained individuals will always be in demand in this industry. Advertising jobs will never go away.

Just take a look at all the curve or web sites online that list job openings, they’re all loaded with advertising jobs. Monster for instance has nearly three whole categories in all their global sites that showcases the very best of advertising jobs. Other job boards like College Board, Source Tool and even Marketing Jobs have entire sections devoted to helping talented professionals find and take up advertising jobs. There are head hunters and talent scouts literally combing the country on college campuses looking for professionals, or would-be professionals, of a high-quality to join them in the advertising field.

While most applicants who wish to enter the industry know that most advertising jobs are filled by word of mouth, the industry itself has grown so vast and hungry, that there is always a need for trained professionals who are looking for advertising jobs. And an entire industry has come up to cater to the needs of such professionals. While human resources itself is growing and developing at a rapid rate, one of the first areas where unprecedented growth has been seen has been in the advertising jobs sector. So much so that most conventional human resource professionals have begun offering a slew of services to cater to those who are seeking advertising jobs.

It’s really not hard to figure out why. Advertising is a unique and highly specialized field that requires a very human, intelligence touch to be effective. And although there are many qualifications that will enable a person to become an advertising professional, this industry is different in that the individuals who participate in it are really different than what you find in other fields. One who is creatively charged, capable of handling stress and performing under the most adverse of conditions. There is a veritable plethora of advertising jobs in the market place, and these advertising jobs can turn into very lucrative and rewarding careers for the right individuals.

By Morgan Hamilton

Title By: Og Ogie

Online Jobs For Students

Sell your writing skills to writing jobs market and pay your student loans back.

Many college students are looking for part-time jobs, and these jobs can be freelance writing jobs

Many college students are looking for part-time jobs, and these jobs can be freelance writing jobs. Freelance writing positions provide students and college graduates with work that can help them meet their financial obligations. When you are struggling to find the solutions to your high bills and declining income, you can look to writing positions that are online. Unlike traditional jobs, online freelance writing positions provide you with solutions that keep you where you need to be, both in money and in scheduling. Even if you just need a second part-time job, you can use freelance writing work to help you accomplish your goals.

College was a lot of money, and if you have not graduated yet, it will be a lot of money. Student loans will need to be paid back even if you are not financially able to meet those obligations. While there are some solutions designed to give reprieve to students who do not increase their income through college, it is also true that many students will still have to work to come up with at least the interest for loans that did not benefit the student. This does not have to be you, you can get a freelance writing job to help you meet your financial obligations and accomplish your goals to become debt-free. When you write for virtual organizations, you are able to bring in an income, whether as your first or a second income, writing can be a solution to your money problems.

Writing online can be done in a number of subjects; however, the best paying online writing jobs are typically academic writing services that provide written work to struggling students. Amazing facts – the online writing industry was benefited by the recession, because many adults returned to school to make themselves more marketable to their employer, but were unable to meet their career, family, and school obligations without help – turning to the online writing services to help them accomplish their goals.

Writers able to demonstrate professional writing skills, willing to develop research, and able to quickly provide clients with written materials to use for their projects, are guaranteed to work successfully in online jobs. This is because the academic writing field has a high turnover rate, most people who write for academic writing sites move on to “real” jobs and leave their online income. In addition, not everyone is cut out to be a good online employee, and freelance writing positions  really need self-motivated and self-disciplined employees.

If you are considering working online in any of the different freelance writing positions, ask yourself the following questions: what amount of money do you need to make a month? What type of writing do you prefer to do? What grades did you get on your essays during college? Do you understand how to conduct research? What is your highest degree? Remember that freelance writers also need to have degrees for many fields of writing, not just academic writing. When you have answered those questions, tested your resolve that you have enough self-discipline and self-motivation, then you should begin applying to freelance writing positions that fit your requirements.

By Mary Hobber

Follow These Tips To Land In Oil Field Jobs

Among all the jobs in the world the jobs in the energy sector is most demanding and it’s also the best paying jobs. Especially the jobs in oil industry in one of the most demanding and at the same time best paying job. But finding a job to establish oil and gas careers is going to be a tough task. Most of the people looking for oil and gas jobs them simply forward their resume to countless recruiters and wait without any reply from them. The first best step to get oil field jobs is to apply at the right place. Finding the exact recruiter is a job half done.


One of the biggest mistake made by the job seekers is applying for a job for which you might not have required qualification.  This mistake is made out of desperation. Many people know that oilfield jobs pay the best. But it’s no use of applying when you are not qualified for that job. When a company from oil and gas industry asks for people who are graduates in science then you should only apply if you have the required graduation. Many people just apply for this requirement even though they have a graduation in different subject. This dampen the mood of the recruiter and he is not going to contact you ever. Therefore, before applying for the job kindly read the requirement in detail.


Even for huge oil companies there are many online recruiters who hire for vacancies in these companies. When you send your resume to start your oil careers to these recruiters you should make sure that the resume in up to date. Before applying read the requirement carefully and make sure your resume does have what the recruiter is looking for. You are not the only person who is going to apply for this job. There are hundreds of people who will be applying for this job. Therefore, you should make sure that your resume is perfect for the job, if needed personalize the resume according to the job requirement. You should not lose the opportunity just because you have forgot to mention about a skill set that matches the job and another person who has less experience than you but rightly mentioned about the skill set he has for the job.


All over the world there many countries that hires people to work in oil and gas companies. But among all these countries Middle East is the leading recruiter. The advantage with the Middle East is they are good pay masters and quality of life is equal to the western countries.


So, to take the first you should make a thorough search and find the perfect recruiter who is hiring for oil and gas companies.



By Norman Albert

The Ten Basic Steps to Career Development


When you decide that employment inertia is no longer working for you or you find that economic conditions beyond your control have thrust you into a job or possibly a career change, then you need a plan. The better you accept and strategically deal with change, the more likely a positive outcome can be realized.

As a career transition specialist I have determined that ten important steps must be followed in order to form a complete plan. As you read the steps below, assess for yourself if you have a grasp on some of these or if you need to develop and refine certain ones. You’ll know that you have mastered most if not all ten steps when you feel deep contentment with your career.

My pick for the ten practical basic steps to career development are:

1. Choose your “industry“. It may be as clear-cut as pharmaceuticals or physics or it may be a hybrid like combining social work with animal rescue. But whatever you decide, be clear that you are in a field that you care about and would like to grow within.

2. Determining and promoting your value proposition or unique selling proposition, including a branding process. Everyone needs to market themselves if they are to find career options and opportunities.

3. Having a strong resume. Preparing a resume that highlights your significance and employment value is more relevant today than ever before. Make this a document that has you truly shining.

4. Distributing cover letters that open doors. In general, the more targeted a cover letter is written, the greater are your chances for an interview. But also consider the cold cover letter that can make a hiring manager sit up and take notice.

5. Maximizing the power of LinkedIn. It’s a small jump from a solid resume to a powerful LinkedIn profile. Someone who may consider you for an interview or hiring will most likely look for your LI presence. Be there and look good.

6. Know job search best practices. Still looking in the newspaper for who is hiring? Job search techniques have been identified that will increase your chances of getting the work that you want. Become familiar with what works and don’t waste time and energy with what doesn’t.

7. Networking, networking, and networking. No longer just a job search tactic, networking is a systematic cultivation of people who can be a resource for career opportunities. Building and maintaining a rich network is now something that smart professionals are always doing, even and especially when you’re employed.

8. Develop your intellectual capital through research. Knowing as much as possible about trends, practices, threats, and strengths in your chosen industry and/or with particular companies increases your credibility and instinct. Adding to your expertise should never stop.

9.Practice informational interviews. As a subset of the last two mentioned steps, informational interviews assist you in building a knowledge base and learning from people in the know. Setting up short fact gathering sessions with insiders expands both your intellectual and your social capital.

10. Strengthen your job interview performance. Being well prepared for all types of job interviews isn’t just about memorizing answers to common questions. It’s about leveraging confidence, knowledge, and skill to craft a presentation that leads to a satisfying career move.

Implementing a plan consisting of these ten steps will better position you for the work life you desire. Make no mistake, doing all of this is a lot of work and it’s not easy. But as the world of work moves increasingly toward one in which the professional is the primary caregiver of themselves, it’s a necessary one.

By Bill Ryan