Tips on How to Get The Right Job

Job hunting can be a long, arduous process and very frustrating. There are always jobs available but, unless you are desperate for an income, you will want to find the perfect job where you can use your skills and experience.

This article gives some advice on how to go about finding the ideal job.

1.Recruitment Agencies – Recruitment agencies can be a great help when searching for jobs because they are experts at matching people to vacant positions. Recruitment agencies will send your CV out to relevant employers, arrange interviews for you and keep you up to date on progress. Some recruitment agencies offer services like CV polishing or writing and help with interview techniques. Take advantage of these services if your recruitment agency offers them.

2.Networking – If you have friends or family who work for a company you would like to work for, ask them if there are any openings. You may be able to find out about jobs before they are advertised and friends and family may even put in a good word for you. You will also get inside knowledge about the company, the boss, conditions, salary and how interviews are held.

3.Classified section of newspapers and magazines – Local and national newspapers advertise job vacancies as do specialist magazines for particular professions. Send your CV off to relevant companies or contact them for an application form. Always follow up applications by phoning the company to check that they have received your application.
Newspapers will also have adverts for local recruitment agencies.

4.Company Websites – Although some companies will use recruitment agencies for their staffing requirements, most will have a company website listing current vacancies. Make sure that you check websites regularly for updates and that you follow the set procedure for applying for a job.

5.Job Search websites – With these sites you can search for jobs online which meet your criteria and are in a specific area and with a specific salary.

6.Job fairs or exhibitions – Go to job fairs or exhibitions with plenty of copies of your CV printed out on good quality A4 paper. Chat to potential employers and give them your CV.

7.The telephone book, Yellow Pages and local business directory – Use these directories to find the contact details of potential employers. Phone their personnel departments to ask about current vacancies and, even if they do not have any current vacancies, send your CV in for them to keep on file.

8.Offer to do voluntary work or job experience for a company so that they can get to know you.

The very best thing to do to increase your exposure is to register with a recruitment agency, or a few recruitment agencies, and then do all of the above. If you are motivated and make an effort, you will find a job much quicker than someone who only tries one or two ways of finding a job. Ask your recruitment agency if they have any further tips or advice on job hunting.

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